Music Production

I am a producer and audio engineer working with music artists and bands in London + Brighton. I frequently record and mix releases for bands in a studio environment as well as producing music for other artists.

My personal releases as Solo Major and Amphi comprise contemporary electronic and pop music using a combination of experimental and traditional production techniques. My key interests include combining organic and electronic elements and making music from unusual source material.

I am currently producing my second release for the soulful indie band Nature TV (FKA Lionbark) and an upcoming collaboration with electronic producer/recording artist lolamur.

Film Audio

I have 3 years’ professional experience in creating unique and immersive audio for a variety of visual media. My main focuses are music composition, sound design and foley production for film and advertising. I worked as an Audio Director for film production studios and independent film directors where I had creative control over all elements of sound: from recording on location to audio post-production. Most recently, I am making my entry into video games by composing for a currently unannounced independent video game IP.

In 2017 I formed Coke & Honey with Lola Muresan. Coke & Honey is an Audio Production Studio, providing creative audio solutions for businesses and filmmakers. So far we have composed music and sound design for promotional videos for clients such as Daylesford Farm and The Supercar Clinic. We are currently working on short films for Camden Coats Productions and Somino Productions, set to be released in 2019.

Private Tuition

I have 8 years’ music production experience using Logic Pro and Ableton Live and I graduated from London College of Music with a First in Music Technology BA. Now, I want to help the next generation of rising producers and beat-makers get started making music and sharpen their skills.

The focus of the lessons is to provide students with the tools and workflows to produce their own music in any genre that attracts them. Lesson plans are unique for each individual student based on their prior knowledge and goals.

Subjects covered include: navigating music production software, arranging drum patterns, beat-making using samples, creating and editing MIDI instruments, using effects plug-ins as well as mixing and mastering songs for release.

I am more than happy teaching anyone from complete beginners to improving producers and even students studying Music Technology. Get in touch!